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Introducing Dr Bill Davison...

Dr Bill Davison is...
a Doctor of Chiropractic, Doctor of Osteopathy,
Practicing Naturopath, Author, Lecturer,
Master Life Empowerment Coach, and Mentor.

Dear Friend,


You may be reading this because you have a problem that you want solved. Your problem may be physical, emotional or otherwise.

Over many years Bill Davison has developed systems to help solve people's problems - problems such as you may struggle with right now.

Dr Bill recognised very early in his career that many problems, even health problems begin with the way we use our minds, so his systems although providing help for health issues also deal with correcting our subconscious programming which influences how we think, feel and act.

The big issue is - we may not be aware of our subconscious conditioning and how it affects the results in life and our quality of life and health.

He has many secrets to share with you on anti-aging; weight loss; high energy etc. plus empowerment in all areas of your life.

But as all magic journeys begin with the first step, Dr Bill has agreed to help you take that first step by making it as easy and simple for you as possible by offering you a free gift to get started.

Because we all can have different challenges here is a list of free reports that you can access by simply clicking here.

To improve and empower your life it may be best to start at your weakest link. One or more of these reports could be just the thing to get you started.

If your issue is mostly or even partially emotionally based you will also find help by clicking here.

You are about to embark on a wonderful adventure, one in which you will not be disappointed.

Read what other Professionals
have to say about Bill Davison...

I first met Dr Bill Davison almost 25 years ago. I hold Dr Davison in the highest regard as an educator and practitioner. I worked with him for five years. He has shared so much of his vast knowledge in natural healthcare and has taught me his wholistic system called W.I.N.S.

My observation in my time a student with Dr Davison was nothing short of inspiring. My experience with the results of his methods and systems has been excellent and his approach forms the basis of most of my work as a Chiropractor. His manner and philosophy have also shaped my methods as a medical practitioner.

Dr Davison's systems are the result of years of dedication and clinical experience as one of the nation's foremost natural healthcare practitioners. Patient responses have been exceptional. I have had the pleasure of working along with his patients to witness what many would consider miraculous.

My family have also benefited by receiving treatment from Dr Davison. I have also been a patient of his for over 10 years. Surprisingly I had not experienced natural health care until I was an adult. With the help of Dr Davison I was able to tap into new sources of vitality, confidence and harmony.

Dr Sean Gomes
MBBS (Syd), B Med Sci, M Chiro
Medical Practitioner and Chiropractor

I have known Bill Davison for 30 years. He has been a great inspiration and a mentor to me as a Chiropractor. It was whilst having a treatment one day that I mentioned I was doing science at university and didn't know what I would do with that. He casually mentioned, "Did you know you could do Chiropractic with a science degree?" Well for me the light went on! Bill gave me part time work doing soft tissue work while I was studying.

Later he taught me the basics of Applied Kinesiology. This made a huge difference to my confidence in being a practitioner. He and his family have been very supportive of my family and even now I still continue to learn with each encounter.

Bill has always been willing to teach and has the ability to pick the eyes out of gathered information. He is able to serve you the most relevant and practical information in a way that is instantly usable. He has always been encouraging and yet knows where you need to be prodded to make progress.

His systems and life application techniques have been of use in my life. I have found that Bill is always on the cutting edge of new information. Not just to know it but how to apply it. The information that I have received through Bill has been of great benefit to me personally, to my family and to my patients. Of course I must mention that Bill has a great sense of humour that helps you to feel comfortable with him.

Whatever endeavour Bill undertakes will always be of value personally and business wise.

Tanya Ormsby
B.Sc GradDip. Chiropractor

I was lucky enough to work with Dr. Bill Davison at Shire Chiropractic.

During my time there I learnt many new techniques including his wholistic system called W.I.N.S. It is a system that is unique to Shire Chiropractic. WINS provide many benefits for the patient by testing and treating all factors of a patient's health including structural, nutritional and emotional concerns.

Bill Davison is an excellent Chiropractor who possesses excellent diagnostic skills but above all else cares for each individual patient. He often looks after all family members from babies to grandparents. This demonstrates the level of trust and confidence which he invokes in his patients.

Dr. Bill is a very knowledgeable and experienced practitioner who is held in high regard by the Chiropractic profession. His wholistic system of practice has benefited many patients over many years.

Shannon Egan
B.Sc GradDip. Chiropractor

I have been associated with Bill Davison of the Shire Chiropractic Wholistic Clinic for the past twenty years. During this time Bill has been a formulator, educator and publisher of some of the products and books we have sold. I have always found Bill to be a man of integrity and substance.

Bill and I have worked on a number of projects, new market development and in the management, administration and motivation of people. Bill has succeeded in all of these challenges. Bill has held positions of great responsibility and trust and I have always found him competent and exemplary in his employment and personal dealings.

Some of Bill's greatest strengths are in his associations and dealings with people, his presentation skills and his methodical analytical approach to problems, issues and challenges. Bill has a great mind and ability to think matters through and arrive at the most appropriate solution. Bill's standards and conduct have been above reproach and commendable at all times. Bill is friendly, honest, dependable and conscientious. Bill processes the attributes of intelligence, commitment, hard work, effort and diligence.

Bill is an expert practitioner who changes lives and lifestyles for the better. I recommend him to you as someone who will make a difference in your life, a difference you'll be grateful for and delighted with.

Stephen C. Webster
Managing Director
Nature's Sunshine Products of Australia Pty Ltd

I am a chiropractor who has worked for myself as a sole chiropractor in a major health care centre. I had massage therapists, osteopaths, acupuncturists, counsellors and pilates instructors working alongside me, who would call upon me for advice. I was regarded as the expert in my own little stratosphere and as such, thought I was pretty good too...I thought I knew a lot.

Upon taking up a position with Dr Davison I soon discovered how little I actually knew! He started teaching me the wellness system and I remember saying to Dr Davison "I know nothing"! I felt overwhelmed with the fact that I needed to learn so much more and that I really wasn't as fabulous as I had initially thought. I had been missing a lot!! Dr Davison has such a vast wealth of knowledge. His wellness systems are unbelievable! They have profound effects on patient's health - physical, psychological and social. He is extremely dedicated to his craft and in helping people achieve optimum health and happiness.

When presented with a low back pain case which wasn't resolving, I rarely used to look beyond the structural cause. Dr Davison's techniques entail getting to the root cause of the problem- whether it is structural, biochemical or emotional. I have found that unlocking the biochemical and emotional factors often clears the structural problem.

About 3 weeks ago whilst applying his technique, I thought I'd practice on a patient to have a quick look at organ function... The patient had no symptoms. I located an extreme weakness in testing the lungs of this elderly gentleman, a regular client of mine. I recommended he get his GP to investigate. Subsequently, this man was found to have blood through his lungs which had occluded 90% of his lungs and if left could've died. The man was treated and is now on appropriate medication and the doctor rang me up to say thankyou! shock! horror! And that I had saved this man's life. It was in-fact Dr Davison's wellness system that had saved this man's life.

I am now also regularly curing people's I.B.S., helping people with their fatigue, arthritis, depression, learning difficulties etc. All by getting to the root cause. Each client is like solving a puzzle, and everybody so unbelievably unique.

The techniques have opened my eyes to the wonder of the body and I have regained my interest and passion for my job once again. Dr Davison’s techniques can change not only how passionate you will be in your profession, but they open your eyes to an unbelievable wellness system which can change your patient's lives forever.

Dr Davison has the most loyal and dedicated clientele I have ever seen. His fabulous work transcends many generations. Dr Davison has doctors and other therapists referring to him from all corners of Sydney, he is unbelievably well regarded. His patients come to him for everything. His practice is a thriving and energetic place. I am extremely lucky to have been mentored by him.

Katie O'Sullivan

The WINS system is amazing! I learnt the system seven years ago and never looked back. The system has undergone so much clinical testing and research that it is no wonder it gets such great results. Results when many other methods or treatments have failed.

The key to the system is in its treatment of every different person as an individual with a wholistic approach. No one person is exactly the same as the next and so no one treatment will work for everybody - everyone gets a personalised treatment, no two are ever the same - that's the secret.

I have known Dr Billfor about 38 years, as a patient, a daughter and as a fellow practitioner. His development of W.I.N.S. involves testing and evaluation of all the systems in the body and looks at how these interact with one another. It's always being updated and improved. My family and I have benefited from good health as a result of its application. I have fantastic results when I apply the system to my patients as a practitioner.

My patients love the results they obtain and are happy that the real cause of their complaint is finally being addressed.

Elizabeth Harris
B.Sc., M.Chiro.

I have known Dr Bill Davison for several years both as a colleague within the industry of Wholistic and Natural Therapies, as well being a patient of his for the past two years.

As both a patient and colleague of Dr Davison's I have had the opportunity to learn about the systems he has developed within his clinic, in particular his system known as W.I.N.S. This system is in my opinion a very effective and successful combination of diagnostic and treatment methods which forms the basis of an effective and wholistic approach to health care.

I have benefited greatly both as a practitioner and as a patient from this wholistic health system and have experienced excellent results both within my own clinic as well as my personal life.

Dr Davison has been a great influence in my life, and I consider myself very fortunate to have learned so many valuable skills from him, not only as an experienced and successful wholistic health practitioner but also as a kind and caring person.

I believe the results I have seen through my experience in working with Dr. Davison to be outstanding and I can highly recommend both his skills as a practitioner as well as the wholistic approaches to diagnosis and treatment that he has developed within his clinic.

Adey Curtis
Natural Therapist BICOM Bio-Resonance Practitioner

I have known Dr Bill Davison for 25 years. He was a lecturer at the Sydney College of Chiropractic when I was a student and as he worked near my home I was able to work for him as a masseur while still at college and as a chiropractor when I had graduated. After a break of 12 years during which time I was having children and living overseas Bill encouraged me to get back into chiropractic and allowed me to observe his techniques, attend instruction during which time I learned his wholistic system called W.I.N.S. and work for him. I worked with him for a total of about 5 years.

His systems are very powerful and I use them in my practice myself with great results. Patient responses have been very positive. I have been able to help many people with different kinds of problems using these systems.

I have also been a patient of his for 25 years. I have suffered from different things over the years including migraines mostly caused by stress, post nasal drip with the accompanying need to continually clear my throat, and arthritis. As a chiropractor I always choose chiropractic and the WINS system for my help.

The WINS system has helped my family's health problems such as my husband's dizziness and my child's learning difficulties.

Compared to other methods and modalities available these systems are more effective and useful. I find that it is an effective and gentle way to treat the whole person

My opinion of him as a person and practitioner is that Bill is a kind, generous and helpful man and a good teacher and practitioner.

Carol Amadio
BSc (Univ of Sydney), DC., DO. (Sydney College of Chiropractic)

Yes, I Want Access to Dr Bill's Reports Now!

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    Arthtitis - The 16 most critical points you absolutely must know about arthritis and the latest breakthrough therapy

    Hormones - Are there natural alternatives to H.R.T. and balancing hormones at any age - young or old?

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome - I.B.S. How to manage this embarrassing, distressing condition

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