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The Health Empowerment Programme

Transform Your Body & Your Life In Just Six Months

Month Process Systems Products
1 Detoxification Elimination See HEP workbook
2 Regeneration Cardiovascular & Immune System See HEP workbook
3 Assimilation Digestive See HEP workbook
4 Energize Brain, Nervous & Enzyme Function See HEP workbook
5 Strengthen Structural & connective tissue (Joints) See HEP workbook
6 Specific Conditions Problem Area(s) See HEP workbook

Specifics can be done first instead of last when conditions dictate it.

(It is important to do bowel specific toning for the first month, especially if there is any bowel sluggishness or constipation.)


  • Option 1: Take 2 products only for each month.


  • Option 2: Take 2 products for each month and after this continue on a reduced dosage while adding each other month.


  • Option 3: Take 4 products for each month and after this continue with a lower dosage.

A complete health education package accompanies this program.

The program has been clinically tested and proven. It can be followed for life.

A short break of between 2-4 weeks can be taken every 6 months or so.

On rare occasions a reaction may occur with the use of a product. If this occurs, discontinue its use for a few days and then, continue taking half the usual quantity.

Experimentation with and/or variation of the above products is also to be encouraged. You may find a particular substance is more effective for your metabolism. You may like to continue with this product together with the other formulae right through your program.


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