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Programme Testimonials

I am a person who loves doing things and being active but have suffered with arthritis for five years, particularly in my knees and hips. I had to give up my beloved horseriding amongst other things.

After just 2 weeks on the programme I noticed a major improvement in my pain and stiffness although I did do the maximum level! After a few months I now feel fantastic. No pain, no restriction, incredible energy, losing weight. I feel emotionally, mentally and physically like a new woman. 1 have a new lease of life. I can't express how grateful I am to the programme and the person that introduced me. I now want to share my good fortune worth others. Thank you. N.H.

I have a keen interest in health and also work in the health industry. 1 have found the Health Empowerment Programme to contain everything I need in Education and product advice. I was already in good health but noticed dramatic shifts in my physical and emotional well being. Very powerful but simple programme.

A great bonus for me was when my daughter who is 21 got on the programme she also noticed major benefits including emotional changes. Our relationship has improved greatly as a result. Thank you for giving me my daughter back. Priceless! C.R.

This programme saved me from having my bowel removed, particularly the MSM product. It has helped my arthritis, my asthma, my overweight, in fact my whole life. It has improved my quality of life. K.B.

As a young women with my first pregnancy. I heard all about the negative things to expect as a result from pregnancy. To my delight I have suffered from none of them. I haven't even put on any weight except for my stomach. With just 2 weeks to go I am still attending tile gym and working. I have boundless energy and feel terrific as long as I take my colloidal minerals and green powder. If I forget to take them I immediately noticed tiredness and fatigue setting on. I'm sure a healthy pregnancy helps to produce a healthy baby. Very important to me. R.F.

I'm what you might call a health enthusiast. I have studied everything I can on health; visited many practitioners; and tried every product available (well almost). I normally spend hundreds of dollars monthly just on health products alone. This Health Empowerment Programme has it all in a simple concise affordable package. I couldn't believe I had found such a priceless pearl. C.P.

I work long hard hours, sometimes 7 days a week. when I use the Megachel and Green Powder I can maintain my energy levels otherwise I get worn out. I wouldn't be without it. It's worth a lot of money to me. G.P.

As a long term sufferer of migraine and fibromyaligia I am thrilled to be taking the Morinda (Noni) juice. It is the only thing that gives me significant long lasting relief: I consult with an excellent practitioner who does provide some measure of relief but he says the Noni does more for me than he can. He says my problems are unusually complex and difficult. I use the whole programme but NONI is my star product. R.S.

I have suffered with various health problems over a long period of time and with good expert help have been able to make great improvements. However HEP has helped me go even further. I would often suffer exhaustion during hot weather but the Morinda juice keeps me at my best even when its hot. Great stuff. I love it. W.S.

I felt an immediate improvement in my well being after just a week on the programme, particularly with my bowel function. It works! W.S.

I have had an energy or fatigue problem for some time and despite the best efforts of my practitioner failed to make any real impact. Upon his recommendation I went into the Health Empowerment Programme and although it took a few months I am now getting the result I want. A very powerful programme! A.S.

I have been using the arthritis Programme for I month, level I and level 2 as my knees were becoming continually sore and stiff every time I bent them or kneeled on them and so at the age of 531 thought I will be in a lot of trouble by the time I was 60 and may be, it won't be just my knees. After taking the specific products my knees have lost their stiffness and soreness. I also have had relief from headaches after going through the HEP on month 1 with the Herbal Cleanse and Fibre Boost. I feel better in myself taking these products and feel healthier and hopefully with no further problems. I am also giving my 11 year old Labrador MSM powder. 1 teaspoon with her meal, once a day as she has early arthritis and muscle problems. D. S.


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