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Introduction To

Personal Empowerment Therapy

How To Change Your Life For The Better

Chained Elephants

Thereís a story told about elephants in the circus being chained to a stake in the ground when they are very young.No amount of effort on their part can pull out the stake.As the elephant grows to full size with its tremendous power it still gets chained to the stake.Even though it could easily pull out the stake it doesnít even try! WHY?

Because it was programmed or conditioned when it was young to BELIEVE it could not.

That BELIEF still limits the freedom and use of the great power the elephant in reality does have. In so many ways we like chained elephants, limited by our erroneous beliefs that have been programmed into our subconcious mind.We can even pass these limiting and sometimes harmful beliefs onto our children and our childrenís children.What a heritage!

But it doesnít have to be that way.There is powerful therapy that can and will change your life dramatically!

Changing Lives

Would you like to change your life?

Have you ever looked at someone who is famous, wealthy or glamorous and thought why canít my life be like that?

Whatís the appeal of the successful magazines? Is it because we secretly or openly want to be like those who are featured?

Are you totally and completely satisfied with your life?

Do you yield to escapism tactics to dull your thoughts and feelings?

The purpose of the following information is to help you make a start in improving the quality of your life.

It may not make you more famous, wealthy or glamorous BUT it can help you achieve something greater than that.

We may believe that the glamour and the riches of the world will give us what we truly want but the evidence doesnít support that belief. We only want these outward trappings because we believe they will make us happy OR how we think it will make us feel.

What happens when we donít have them or canít get them, how does that make us feel? Itís a no win situation.

Knowing how to influence how we feel on the inside without the external benefits is a very powerful strategy. Being in control of your ďstates of beingĒ instead of circumstances being in control, is worthy of every effort.

Learn to be proactive rather than reactive. Learn to be a master of yourself and circumstance, rather than a creature of circumstance and your life will take on new meaning.

I can remember seeing an interview of Sylvester Stallone by I think it was Oprah Winfrey. He had just had a marriage break up and it was being discussed how much it had cost him financially and emotionally. It might have been his second but he was asked the question ď If you could have anything you want what would you choose?Ē Here was a man who had a lot going for him; wealthy, famous, great physique etc. He thought for a moment and said ď The thing that would make me the happiest is a happy relationship, a family and a modest small homeĒ.

Think about that for a moment.

That ideal is within the reach for most of us. In fact many are living like that now without wealth, fame and looks. Nevertheless it does require effort and sacrifice to achieve it.

How To Get What You Really Want

What is it that you deeply and truly want? In a way itís the same for all of us. It has different titles and different ways of expressing it but essentially it is the same thing -TO FEEL GOOD!

Now we are going to develop this idea further by giving it different names and descriptions but remember itís that simple and that complex. We could call it happiness. We could also expand it to include NOT FEELING BAD or not being unhappy.

Breaking it down further we can divide it into peace, joy and fulfilment. You could obviously expand this even further. Itís important before we go any further to keep this constantly in mind, even though it may seem trite or oversimplified.

Itís the basis on which everything else rests! So moving on.

Even though we all want the same thing, there are different ways we can achieve it. Climbing Mt. Everest or sailing around the world may really ďjuiceĒ some but will leave others cold (pun intended). Even the opposite of feeling good. Yes feeling bad - even terrified.

Some pursuits can give us short-term pleasure but afterwards long term misery. Migraine sufferers may get delight ďpiggingĒ out on chocolate or drinking wine but they will pay dearly later. If thatís what triggers your migraine that is. If you are overweight itís the same deal. Short-term pleasure eating junk food, long-term misery in living with and hating yourself - if thatís a problem for you. So use wisdom and caution in pursuing your goals and what you "believe" will bring you happiness. Trial and error is a great teacher but there are better ones. Learn from those that are already successful in leading happy lives.

Many times the greatest feelings come after you have made a sacrifice or denied yourself some short-term pleasure. Yes there is a price to pay for the prize you desire.

Know The Laws

The universe exists because of laws. Otherwise it would break down into chaos. There is cause and effect everywhere. Study learn and apply the laws that govern your life and your happiness.

Laws Of The Mind

Just as the physical health of the body is dependent on the laws of diet, nutrition, exercise, rest, recreation etc. so there are laws of the mind.

In fact the physical and mental are intertwined.One affects the other.Getting and staying healthy may not inspire us but thereís a huge payout at the end.Being fit and healthy feels great.If you are used to being unhealthy you donít always know what you are missing!

Ignorance will not spare you or excuse you if you donít apply the laws of the mind or the body!

Most of us donít use our minds correctly.


We say partly because there are a number of laws including physical and spiritual that influence the quality of your life, but:-

THE MIND IS A MAJOR AREA TO FOCUS ON - if you are to succeed in your quest - you cannot succeed if you donít. So MASTER YOUR MIND.

In A Nutshell


The first is the key to the second two. You master the three by mastering the first.

Does it take effort, sacrifice, self-discipline, practice? Yes it does! But boy is it worth it! Your life becomes a wonderful rewarding adventure instead of a dismal painful existence.

Whichever direction you take there will be discomfort and difficulty so why not get a positive payout at the end? And guess what: - you donít have to do it overnight. You can take it as cautiously and gradually as you like. A step at a time, inch by inch Ė itís a cinch, yard by yard may be too hard.

So where do you start?

1. I would suggest you get your thoughts , ideas, feelings etc. down on paper. It helps you get better control of your thoughts and yourself.

Review your writings often, especially any powerful motivating inspiring concepts you happen to capture.

2. Only put positive good stuff into your mind. Uplifting helpful books etc. Write down or mark what affects you for future reference.

There are some great verses in the Bible which I will list at the end.

3. Gradually design your life on paper. What you believe will bring you happiness, and what you must do to achieve it.

Ie. the PRIZE, the PRICE, and the PLAN

4. Start to observe your thinking process and begin to ďexerciseĒ your mind by choosing what you will think about and just as important what you will not think about.

5. Learn and begin to apply the therapy explained in this article and in the BIOCYBERNETICS book/tapes

Will I Or Wonít I?

Now I know full well that some of you reading this will not do anything about your situation in life.

You may not believe itís possible to change your life or you may not be prepared to make the effort. Thatís okay itís your choice.

You can continue to blame others, circumstances and even God for your life, or you can take responsibility for how you feel and how your life is right now. We are responsible to a large degree for what happens to us in our lives. Even more so when it comes to how we feel, our state of mind, state of emotions etc. Start today to begin a new life. Stop self pity. Recognise things how they really are and how they can be.

Try the following experiment.

Start doing something you know you should be doing and/or stop doing something you know you need to stop doing. Write it down and put it where you will see it often to help you keep it in your mind. Do this for one week and note how you feel. Make it a small simple thing to start with and build up to the bigger things as you develop the emotional and mental muscle.

This is one of the grand and simple secrets to power, success and happiness in life.

You wonít progress until you accept and apply this powerful therapy in your life.

The Power Of Belief

The Bible says "if thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth"

(Mark 9:23)

Belief can work both for us or against us.

Thoughts to be really powerful need to be combined with belief.

This is where many of us come unstuck.

Our beliefs are influenced by so many things. Many of them negative or incorrect.

Our belief system is being acted upon continually.

What makes this even worse is that probably all of us have belief systems that limit us, make us miserable, or even destroy us.

Some of these beliefs are sub-conscious. We may not even be aware of them - yet they can still self-sabotage our happiness and success.

I often see patients that want to be healthy, to lose weight, or want to get pregnant etc. Yet when I test them I find something in their sub-conscious that is blocking or preventing the achievement of their powerful desires.

This makes the conscious desire difficult or impossible to achieve unless you know how to find the cause and remove it.

Programming The Biocomputer

We are programmed and conditioned from the day we are born and probably before that. This programming is not perfect, sometimes itís destructive.

Plus itís our perception of what is happening to us, not necessarily reality that programmes us.Because our programming is faulty it creates a faulty perspective on life, ourselves and others. This faulty view further distorts our perception of our further experiences and so the problem can be compounded.A vicious cycle indeed!

How you are right now is the sum total of your perceptions of all your experiences positive and negative..

Itís critical in achieving your happiness to take control of this sub-conscious mind or biocomputer where all this is stored, get rid of the junk that is ruining your life and put in empowering new information

How To Programme Yourself

This is covered in depth in the book BIOCYBERNETICS, but by referring to the worksheet you can make a start with this extremely powerful technique.

In clinic we have the patient state a positive belief such as:

"I am a person of great worth and true value".

If the subconscious has a different belief or rejects the statement it will cause the patient to weaken i.e. a strong muscle will test weak.

This weakness occurs because there is a conflict in the body or stress.

If you canít get someone to muscle test you just say the statement and observe how you feel.

You will either know straight away that this statement is not true for you or you will feel something inside you like an emotional "upsurge". Something will happen inside you. It may be anger fear sadness etc. some type of emotion. Thatís a good indicator that you have hit a nerve; a tender spot in your emotions. If you donít feel anything try another statement. Experiment. Itís all about introspection. Getting to know yourself. Your weaknesses and your strengths. Even if you canít find a specific erroneous belief you can choose any quality or characteristic you desire and programme that into your biocomputer.

The benefit of finding your erroneous beliefs is the removing of the obstacles it creates.

Very powerful. Combine this with general programming and you are really going places.

Why Affirmations Donít Always Work

For the reason just explained. Some affirmations if in conflict with your subconscious beliefs will make you weaker not stronger.

The As If Principle

You must ask yourself "how would it feel if I was a person of great worth and true value".

How would I act if I was a person of - etc.

How would I think if I was a person of - etc.

What do I see myself doing if I was of person - etc.

You must change your belief by thinking, acting, feeling and seeing yourself already like that and enjoying the benefits.

You act it out in your thoughts, feelings and actions.

You create your own experiences which changes your beliefs.

AND you must connect up to your new reality massive benefits and rewards.

How would it feel if I was a person of great worth and true value.

Fantastic? Happy? At peace? Fulfilled?

Are you getting the picture (pun intended).

If what we really want is to feel good we can achieve that at least to some degree ďsimplyĒ by applying these techniques.

Or as I like to call it controlling our STATES.

Now what we achieve in our lives outside of ourselves i.e. relationships, money, success etc. is determined to a large degree by what we achieve firstly within ourselves.

Happiness is an inside and outside job.

But the external achievements are influenced greatly by our internal achievements.

Itís a nice feeling to be satisfied with yourself even if your world is falling apart.

The reason we choose this belief as an example is that so many of us suffer from low self-esteem. Of everyone that we test at least 50% have this problem to one degree or another.

Low self-esteem causes so many problems in our lives itís a great place to start. Feel better about yourself and you will feel better about everything else. Even your circumstances will improve.

You Are Not Alone

Do you sometimes feel life is just too hard? Itís really important to realise that you donít have to achieve your dreams on your own. There is help available from many sources. There are many wonderful people who have dedicated their lives to helping others. Some have created a business out of helping others. There are countless books, audio and videotape programmes created for the purpose of helping you achieve your goals.

The laws of the universe exist to help you get what you want as long as itís not harmful to others. In fact the more you help others no matter how insignificant the more help you get. Itís a law - you reap what you sow.

Even God wants to help you be happy.

So donít ever think no one cares about you or that you have to go it alone. Sometimes we canít do it on our own. So donít get despondent or discouraged. Itís okay to need and look for help outside yourself sometimes.

Maybe thereís a reason you are reading this right now. Maybe this information is what you need to help you.

Helpful Therapies

There are a number of therapies and techniques that can help to eliminate fears, phobias and past traumatic events.We recommend using Gene Control Therapy (G.C.T.) in conjuction with P.E.T. for best results. E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is also something you can learn and apply yourself. Go to and log onto free information Ė the EFT manual. This will teach you how to work on yourself.

The Personal Empowerment Therapy (P.E.T.) I use and recommend will usually eliminate the negative simply by reprogramming with itís opposite positive belief. While most of the techniques I know of concentrate on elimination of negatives, P.E.T. concentrates on the acquisition of new and powerful traits, characteristics and beliefs.

Release of emotional garbage is very important and sometimes both must be concentrated on for best results, by using P.E.T. and G.C.T.

If necessary you can use E.F.T. or other methods later as required.

Please realise this is just to get you started. To awaken your desire. To inspire you to believe life can be better. To get you to take the first step. To make a start.

Remember belief is everything. Believe in the good.

Itís no accident you are reading this. It could be the start of a wonderful adventure for you. But only you can press the button. You must make the effort. Let this be the beginning for you. My belief is that it can be. Thatís why I have written this. To help you improve the quality of your life. This stuff really works. I know it. I have proved it on myself and hundreds of others. It has changed lives. It can change yours. It will change yours if you give it a chance. Why not just give it a try. I hope and pray you do. Wishing you health, success and happiness.

Empowering Resources

The Holy Bible

Phil. 2:6

2 Timothy 1:7

Proverbs 23:7

1 Peter 1:13

Books and/or tapes

By Stephen Covey*

By Anthony Robbins*



*available to our patients through our clinic lending library.

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