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Small Business, Public and Keynote Speaking Topics:

(1) Any part of the corporate seminar and website information.

(2) Lord of the Genes

(3) Stress Management

(4) Empowerment

(5) Wellness - The seven grand keys.

(6) Health risk management, beating the odds, cancer, heart attacks, strokes, arthritis, alzheimers

(7) Give me 6 months and I will transform your body and your life!

(8) How to Take at Least 10 Years Off Your Age

(9) What Are The 7 Unknown Secrets of Weight Control?

(10) Who Else Wants to Have Abundant Energy and Feel Fantastic?

(11) This One Power Principle is Guaranteed to Give You Influence with Others and Improve Every Relationship Right Now!

(12) New Ways to Increase Your Brain Power!

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