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Professional Seminars

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Questions & Answers

Q1 What does W.I.N.S. stand for?
A1 Wholistic Integrated Natural Systems.
Q2 Which means what?
A2 Summarised and simplified it is the assessment and treatment of the three sides of the bodyís health triangle; Structural, Mental and Chemical and how each of these three areas interact with each other to create the whole personís health picture.
Q3 Can you explain that a bit further?
A3 Your body is an incredibly complex and sophisticated piece of equipment. More wonderful than anything else we as man can create.
Your body is an inter-dependant whole, each part affecting and interacting with the other.
To perform at your best whether an athlete or not requires your body obviously to be at itís best:
W.I.N.S. accomplishes this better than any other method.
Why? Because it is a refinement and combination of the best of different diagnostic and treatment methods.
It utilizes only that which is completely natural to your body. W.I.N.S. recognizes and utilizes the incredible healing corrective power within your own body, mind and emotions. All at the same time. And it works! This power when supported and directed correctly is the most effective way of bringing your whole self up to itís full potential of health, vigour and peak performance.
Some difficult conditions can only be properly resolved by evaluation and treatment of all aspects of your total being; all three sides of the health triangle.
Q4 What specific parts of the body are addressed?
A4 Again we can summarise it into ten main areas:
  1. The structures of the body particularly the spine and weight supporting joints.
  2. Circulation and lymphatics
  3. Position of the organs
  4. Nutrition and dietary evaluation
  5. Hormonal balance
  6. Elimination/ detoxification
  7. Biochemical balance including allergies
  8. Meridian energy balance
  9. Lifestyle management
  10. Mental, emotional and stress management
Q5 Have others benefited from W.I.N.S. and how can it help me?
A5 Many people have already had great results (we have testimonials) and not just improved athletic performance. Many difficult problems that did not improve previously also responded. Such as:
  • Infertility
  • Menopause
  • A.D.D., A.D.H.D.
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Low energy
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Pain Relief
  • Degenerative disease such as Arthritis
  • Anti-ageing
  • Fibromyalgia
Q6 What is W.I.N.S. derived from?
A6 Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Lifestyle Management and Psychology.
Q7 How long did it take to develop?
A7 Over 20 years.
Q8 Can anyone learn and use W.I.N.S.?
A8 Only qualified practitioners.
Q9 Is anyone else using W.I.N.S.?
A9 At this stage only those at our clinic but it was taught to other practitioners some time ago.
Q10 Is it expensive?
A10 It costs almost the same as most other treatments at this stage.
Q11 Does it hurt?
A11 No it is very gentle.
Q12 How long before I can see a result?
A12 Depending upon the condition within one to two months for improvement to start.


  1. Biochemical

    This is our checklist of those things that we test for. It takes under 10mins once you learn the location of the organ, gland and nutritional reflex points. We usually test all of section A and together with the clinical history can usually form an accurate diagnosis.
    A response can usually be expected within weeks, albeit not a total improvement but enough to satisfy patient and practitioner. We then work systematically through the other items or in the order the patient needs it. Most of the list indicates both a test and a correction or treatment.

  2. Mental/Emotional

    For more info on how we treat emotional/mental problems see Personal Empowerment and Gene Control Therapies (P.E.T. and G.C.T.) in the other parts of the website.

  3. Structural/Mechanical

    Many of these treatments can be achieved without direct adjustment of the spinal column. You will notice some overlap between 1, 2 & 3 as this is a "wholistic integrated" system.

    Priority Testing

    This is a highly valuable technique to help you determine if the cause is primarily biochemical, electromagnetic, emotional or structural. It can also reveal the order in which the components of a problem should be treated.

    Patient Education

    The website demonstrates how much value we place on this area. All the info on the website is valuable through W.I.N.S.. All the conditions and problems on the website are treatable using W.I.N.S..


    One of the most important areas of all. How to market your services and products within and without your clinic/practice. Latest marketing strategies that work.

    Patient Psychology

    Another critical area to understand. Learn the latest research on what makes people agree or not agree to your services. Learn the "Psychology of Influence."

  1. Biochemical

    • 1.Basic Level
      Basic Allergy
      Blood sugar levels
      Yeast, Candida

    • Intermediate Level
      2. Dietary analysis and body type
      3. Electromagnectic radiation
      4. Organ postion correction, Hiatus Hernia, Uterus drop, Ileocaecal valve, Bowel, Adhesions
      5. Neurological organization
      6. Meridian analysis
      7. Hormonal balance
      8. Organs and systems, - Detoxification, Immune, Digestion, Cardiovasc; Structural, Endocrine
      9. Heavy metal and teeth

    • Advanced level
      10. Biochemical pathways

  2. Mental/Emotional

    See P.E.T. and G.C.T.

  3. Structural/Mechanical

    1. Exercises
    2. Soft Tissue Damage
    3. Muscle Correction
    4. Feet
    5. Ligament Stretch
    6. Cartilage Compression
    7. Pause Lock (priority & main cause)
      • Nutrition
      • Emotional
      • Electromagnetic
      • Meridian Balance
    8. Neuro. Disorg.
    9. Ionization
    10. Centering
    11. Hyoid
    12. Gait
    13. Cloacals
    14. Switching
    15. Cross Crawl
    16. Blood Chemistry
    17. Meridian Balance
    18. Meridian Reverse
    19. Pelvic Floor
    20. Uterus Drop
    21. Hiatus Hernia
    22. Lymphatic
    23. Venous
    24. ICV & HV
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