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Complete Wholistic Health Library
All Your Questions Answered and Everything You Could Possibly Need In One Complete Multi-Media Package

The Most Comprehensive In-depth Collection of Powerful Wisdom Ever Created to Enable You to Improve Your Life, Physically, Mentally and Spiritually

Dear Friend

If you are reading this you will probably fall into one of these categories:

1) You have skipped through the previous material to see what else is available. Please do yourself and us all a favour by going back and reading through the information because we don't want to bore everyone else by repeating what has already been written.

2) You have dutifully read all the material and you're curious to know what else is happening. That's fine, just carry on.

3) You have purchased the LIFE EMPOWERMENT COURSE and are ready to progress further. CONGRATULATIONS, WELL DONE and welcome to the next level of your LIFE SUCCESS & EMPOWERMENT!

The information now being offered is a result of even more countless hours of seminars, study and clinical application than the previous short course on LIFE EMPOWERMENT.

It's a culmination and condensation of my complete life's work. No hype, no bull, no padding, just real life principles that work.

The Complete Wholistic Health Library actually is FIVE programmes in one package plus
extra bonuses and free gifts;

1. The Life Success System DVD Series - 10 DVD's of 10hrs total duration.
For a preview click here

2. The Health Empowerment Programme - Workbook and 6 CD's

3. The Life Empowerment Course I (Introducing Biocybernetics) - Workbook & 2 CD's

4. Life Empowerment Course II (Biocybernetics) - Workbook & 2 CD's

5. Life Empowerment Course III (Biocybernetics) - 2 DVD's

PLUS The Hidden Health Secrets Library - Which includes 30+ Special Health Articles

PLUS A complimentary 3-month subscription to the CD of the month

PLUS Free ebook 'The Magnificent Mind' by Bill Davison

PLUS Free ebook 'Lord of The Genes' by Bill Davison

PLUS Free monthly Ezine/Newsletter

PLUS CD of the month - Regular updates from the top experts in their field

PLUS Free info on website

Here is a mouth-watering bullet list of just some of the exciting life empowering information you can use whenever it suits you and you will personally own forever!

- Biocybernetics. More of the secret missing KEYS revealed
How to Reprogram the Subconscious Biocomputer for Instant Results

- Give me 6 months and I will transform your body and your life!

- How to Take at Least 10 Years Off Your Age

- What Are The 7 Unknown Secrets of Weight Control?

- Who Else Wants to Have Abundant Energy and Feel Fantastic?

- The 4 Ancient Tibetan Rites and the Cubit Wand for the Fountain of Youth

- This One Power Principle is Guaranteed to Give You Influence with Others and Improve Every Relationship Right Now!

- What is THE Most Important Part of Your Body? - And How to
Maximise its Power

- The most effective single exercise for your body's health. Can be done by anyone, at any age.

- New ways to Increase Your Brain Power

Hidden Health Secrets Library
Includes 20+ Bonuses! With FREE updates

Brain Potential - A.D.D and A.D.H.D. Warning
Don't do anything for your problem child until you read this first!

Aspartame - The hidden dangers of artificial sweeteners

Breath of Life - Breathing exercises to increase oxygen in your body with all its benefits

Colloidal Silver - Nature's powerful antibiotic and anti-viral remedy

Cellulite Report - Revolutionary New Treatment Melts Ugly Cellulite Fat Away for Almost Anybody Who Uses It.

Eye Exercises - The natural Alternative to improving eyesight

Do I Need Orthotics? - Don't spend any money until you read this.
Why your feet may be the hidden cause of your lower back, hip, or knee pain

Pain in The Gut? - Reflux? Bloating? Gas? Hiatus Hernia? Suffer no more.

Heavy Metal Toxicity - Aluminium, Lead, Mercury etc. are the large molecules that cause havoc in the body. They can contribute to such debilitating diseases such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue etc. Know their source and how to eliminate them.

Meridians - The energy pathways of the body.
How they influence you and how you can influence them.

Osteoporosis And The Calcium Connection - Prevention and treatment.
Why do people with osteoporosis also suffer with Arthritis and Calcium build up? Explore the mystery.

Parasites - What's eating you? The shocking truth about parasites.

Phosphorus - The latest hidden killer revealed. An excess of this common fertilizer could kill or maim you.

Rehydrate and Rejuvenate - You need more than just water to rehydtrate your body. Find out why.

Spinal Strengthening Exercises - Increase your core power

Sugar Control Diet - Improve energy, weight control, allergies, candida etc by controlling blood sugar levels

Thyroid Report - How Do I Really Tell If I Have a Thyroid Problem?

Toxic List - The everyday common substances that contain dangerous harmful chemicals

Wart Removal - The natural painless way

The Magic of Water - Water is the most common deficiency in your body. Find out why.

Weight Management - The unknown secrets about losing weight and fat.

Yeast and Candida Report + Questionnaire - This problem underlies many other health issues. Discover if you have it and how to deal with it.

Infant in Pain? - Colic? Reflux? Vomiting? Unsettled? Your baby nor you need not suffer any more.

Injured? Suffering Stubborn Chronic Pain? - How to get relief

Prostate Problem? - Conventional tests and treatments. Do they work? What you are not being told! Natural Alternatives

Health Risk Profile - What are your chances of getting a stroke or heart attack?
Find out with this comprehensive lifestyle questionnaire

Recently Added: Exposed - the Shocking Truth About Breast Cancer Risk - Mammography... the hidden dangers


All I can tell you is that one of these gifts is a book that reveals even more of the Missing Secret!

A more comprehensive description of the W.H.L. now follows for those interested.
If you don't need more info. Just skip this part

Would You Like the Power To Choose Your Own Life?

How you can quickly and easily annihilate the
Hidden Enemy of your Success and Happiness
Faulty reprogramming that lurks deeply in your subconscious mind.

This is the companion course and the follow-on from the LIFE EMPOWERMENT COURSE. It concentrates more on the programming of the positives into your subconscious.
It helps you to understand more fully how your subconscious is conditioned and programmed and thereby empowers you to TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR ENVIROMENT: INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL.

The LIFE EMPOWERMENT COURSE gets you started - BIOCYBERNETICS Level 2 keeps you going. It helps to give you direction; set goals; make plans; take action; keep focused; overcome obstacles; understand the "rules of the game" i.e. failure, opposition etc.

One person said it was the best thing he had ever read.

Do you know that there are at least
TEN TOP WAYS to reduce ageing?

1. Exercise Significantly

2. De-stress Particularly

3. Eat Wisely

4. Supplement Correctly

5. Sunshine Sensibly

6. Water Regularly

7. Detox. Appropriately

8. Breath Deeply

9. Recreate Certainly

10. Love Ureservedly

Did you notice I said at least Ten!

There are more revealed in Complete Wholistic Health Library

Health Empowerment Program
Six Steps To A Better Body And A Healthier You

The Latest Breakthroughs On How To Transform Your Health
And Your Life In Just Six Months

How would you like to discard your old broken down, spluttering, sluggish, creaky body and get a new reconditioned one?

Or if it is in reasonable shape right now, trim it into a mean machine?

Now you may not be able to trade your old model in - but by knowing certain secrets you can change it for the better.

Almost any physical body can be improved if you know the secrets of how to.

You can move more freely, have more energy, improve your shape and in general perform all tasks more easily and with greater pleasure.

Yes you can even improve your libido.

I probably don't need to tell you how much the condition of your life's vehicle influences your happiness and the quality of your life.


And what happens if you survive one of these causes, not quality of life that is for sure. Life expectancy has increased but so have the years of disability in a person's life.

What about arthritis, that crippling deforming disease that turns you into a wreck before your time. Not to mention all the other diseases, conditions, problems and stresses that confront us throughout our lives.

Not a pretty picture, is it?

So if you are not affected yet or by much, then you have a head start and can apply the secrets now and prevent many of these unwanted horrors.

In fact you can create a magnificent body of strength, power and zest.

For those of you who have already broken down it's not too late.

Believe me it's not too late.

Miracles do occur.

At least that's what they seem like when you go from pain, limitation and disease to being pain free and vital.

What about being overweight?
Can that be helped?
You bet it can.
How do I know?

Because we have helped thousands of people like yourself who suffer from either overweight, over stressed, or "over wrecked" - or all three.

You just got to know the secrets of how your body works and bingo you get results.

You have got to know what and what not to put into your body, in what combination and at what time of the day.

Oh no you say, not another diet!

Listen - most diets don't work. I know that.

You have got to find out what is specific to your body.

Its not how much you eat, so stop worrying.

Obviously you can't be a pig. But I know and you know you're not.

Your metabolism must be working correctly so you can burn fat and calories properly.

Your digestion must be functioning properly to breakdown your foods correctly.

This is one of the biggest secrets to energy and weight management which will be revealed in the program.

Correct elimination through your bowels, kidneys, lungs, lymphatics, liver and even your skin is paramount to creating a new supercharged symptom free system.

Toxemia is considered by many experts who have proved their theories through spectacular results to be the main cause of all cancer and degenerative disease, not to mention a sluggish podgy drag around body.

Do you like those dark circles under your eyes, your bad breath, unpleasant body odour, foul smelling wind, poor complexion?

Would you like to change the way you look into a clear eyed fresh sparkling individual with a happy healthy countenance.
Well you can!

Did you know that your body completely renews itself every 7 years?

At least that's what we're told.
So answer this question. Does your body feel like a new one every 7 years?
Why not?
That's the secret you need to learn isn't it?

Why does your skin heal every time you cut it?
Why do broken bones mend?
Why does your hair and your nails keep growing?

(Well maybe not everyone's keep growing.)

Well I'll tell you the little secret.

Because the body regenerates itself!
Yeah, I already know that you say.
But, I got your attention didn't I!

Alright answer this one then...

Why do some people's nails break easily or don't grow properly?
Why do some of us have hair that falls out or looks like a worn out mop?
Why do our bones get weak and brittle and osteoporosis.
Why do we get old before our time?

Is there such a thing as the Fountain of Youth?


NO, NO, NO. It's not that we can live forever. I certainly don't want to live forever. I'm looking forward to the next stage of my life, but lets not get into that here

The FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH to me is QUALITY OF LIFE more than quantity of life.

I know both are important, but surely quality is more important than quantity.

The fountain of youth is many things.

It's having a body that looks and feels good.

One that allows you to do things you want to do in a way that you want to do them.

The things that bring you happiness and joy.

The Fountain of Youth is a mind set, an attitude to life, a way of seeing things.

It's a positive and upbeat way of looking at yourself, life and others.

Your body and your mind reinforce each other - either positively or negatively.

So get the right body and the right mind.
By learning the secrets of REGENERATION as revealed in the program.

It's my view that we are not meant to live forever in this life.

Our bodies are designed to eventually die. To degenerate

But, they are also designed to regenerate.

Hey, that's a contradiction you say.
Not really it's not!
It's part of the plan.

Our bodies will continue to regenerate to some degree until we die.

In other words, there are two opposing forces working in our body, and eventually the degenerative will prevail.

BUT the regenerative capacities of the body and thereby the quality of our lives can be either MAXIMISED or MINIMISED depending upon our understanding and application of the LAWS or rules which apply.

These are some of the secrets that will be revealed in the SIX STEPS TO A BETTER BODY AND A HEALTHIER YOU program, such as:-

Those foods and nutrients that have a powerful regenerative effect on the cells of the human body.

Did you know that there are certain influences in our environment that cause acceleration of the degenerative forces in our bodies, and that there are specific substances that will protect us from these effects?

These are revealed in the program.

Also to be revealed is the reason why some are more susceptible to coughs, colds, flu's, allergies etc.

There is usually more than one reason.

Here are what just a few of the fortunate individuals who have benefited from this powerful program have to say.
Initials have been used to protect privacy. Records of these patients are on file

Health Empowerment Programme Testimonials

I am a person who loves doing things and being active but have suffered with arthritis for five years, particularly in my knees and hips. I had to give up my beloved horseriding amongst other things. After just 2 weeks on the programme I noticed a major improvement in my pain and stiffness although I did do the maximum level! After a few months I now feel fantastic. No pain, no restriction, incredible energy, losing weight. I feel emotionally, mentally and physically like a new woman. 1 have a new lease of life. I can't express how grateful I am to the programme and the person that introduced me. I now want to share my good fortune worth others. Thank you. N.H.

I have a keen interest in health and also work in the health industry. 1 have found the Health Empowerment Programme to contain everything I need in Education and product advice. I was already in good health but noticed dramatic shifts in my physical and emotional well being. Very powerful but simple programme. A great bonus for me was when my daughter who is 21 got on the programme she also noticed major benefits including emotional changes. Our relationship has improved greatly as a result. Thank you for giving me my daughter back. Priceless! C.R.

This programme saved me from having my bowel removed, particularly the MSM product. It has helped my arthritis, my asthma, my overweight, in fact my whole life. It has improved my quality of life. K.B.

As a young women with my first pregnancy. I heard all about the negative things to expect as a result from pregnancy. To my delight I have suffered from none of them. I haven't even put on any weight except for my stomach. With just 2 weeks to go I am still attending the gym and working. I have boundless energy and feel terrific as long as I take my colloidal minerals and green powder. If I forget to take them I immediately noticed tiredness and fatigue setting on. I'm sure a healthy pregnancy helps to produce a healthy baby. Very important to me. R.F.

I'm what you might call a health enthusiast. I have studied everything I can on health; visited many practitioners; and tried every product available (well almost). I normally spend hundreds of dollars monthly just on health products alone. This Health Empowerment Programme has it all in a simple concise affordable package. I couldn't believe I had found such a priceless pearl. C.P.

I work long hard hours, sometimes 7 days a week. when I use the Megachel and Green Powder I can maintain my energy levels otherwise I get worn out. I wouldn't be without it. It's worth a lot of money to me. G.P.

As a long term sufferer of migraine and fibromyaligia I am thrilled to be taking the Morinda (Noni) juice. It is the only thing that gives me significant long lasting relief: I consult with an excellent practitioner who does provide some measure of relief but he says the Noni does more for me than he can. He says my problems are unusually complex and difficult. I use the whole programme but NONI is my star product. R.S.

I have suffered with various health problems over a long period of time and with good expert help have been able to make great improvements. However HEP has helped me go even further. I would often suffer exhaustion during hot weather but the Morinda juice keeps me at my best even when its hot. Great stuff. I love it. W.S.

I felt an immediate improvement in my well being after just a week on the programme, particularly with my bowel function. It works! W.S.

I have had an energy or fatigue problem for some time and despite the best efforts of my practitioner failed to make any real impact. Upon his recommendation I went into the Health Empowerment Programme and although it took a few months I am now getting the result I want. A very powerful programme! A.S.

I have been using the arthritis Programme for I month, level I and level 2 as my knees were becoming continually sore and stiff every time I bent them or kneeled on them and so at the age of 531 thought I will be in a lot of trouble by the time I was 60 and may be, it won't be just my knees. After taking the specific products my knees have lost their stiffness and soreness. I also have had relief from headaches after going through the HEP on month 1 with the Herbal Cleanse and Fibre Boost. I feel better in myself taking these products and feel healthier and hopefully with no further problems. I am also giving my 11 year old Labrador MSM powder. 1 teaspoon with her meal, once a day as she has early arthritis and muscle problems. D. S.


Are Your Family or Work Relationships in Crisis?

The Powerful Art of Effective Communication Provides a Solution

I was with a patient once in my clinic that had broken down in tears saying "My partner keeps getting angry at me because he said I don't listen."

After she had calmed down and we moved to easier matters I walked over to my desk about 6ft (2 meters) from the couch on which she was lying, called her by name and asked her a question.

There were more than a few moments of silence as I looked at her and waited for a response. She returned my patient gaze with this response; "Are you talking to me?"

I burst out laughing and fortunately for me she realised what she had just done.
She then joined me in a bout of more laughter which lasted for a while.

If this wasn't so funny it would be sad.

There was no-one else in the small room.
My question was directed at her beginning with her name. "Are you talking to me?" That says a lot. I hope she learned something from that experience.

Yes communication or the lack of it can cause problems in your marriage, your family, your friendships, your work, in fact everywhere.

Sometimes it can be funny but often it can ruin your relationships in any area.

How important is it to you to improve the quality of your relationships?

You could own the whole earth but if you were the only one on it, you would be a very sad, lonely king.

How important is your spouse, your partner, your children, your friends, your occupation to you?

Effective communication is one of the most powerful things I know of to improve the quality of your relationships and your happiness.

My wife and I once taught 'Parent Effectiveness Training' and the results in our family and in others were miraculous.
The reduction of stress was enormous on us and the children.
We were all happier - all eleven of us.

Effective communication will help to modify unacceptable behaviour in your children and adults (it may even work on your partner!).

It will teach you how to resolve conflict when it arises as it inevitably will.

Society and 'The Family' are in crisis - This is part of the solution.


Do You Or a Family Member Suffer From
Mental Confusion or Brain Fatigue?

The BRAIN POTENTIAL Material May Provide The Answer

Most of us by now have heard of ADD, ADHD and the other labels that are being added.

DYSLEXIA has been around even longer.

I prefer to lump them all under one heading; NEUROLOGICAL CONFUSION or NEUROLOGICAL DISORGANISATION.

This is a condition where the brain and nervous system cannot organise itself properly.

It can be a minor or a major complaint.

It can affect us at any age but is particularly noticeable in the young and old.

In the young because more learning and development is required at that age so any impairment to brain function is more easily noticeable.

In the old because any weakness is more magnified.

We treat a lot of this condition in our clinic.

We have found that there are many things that can contribute to Brain Dysfunction i.e. Allergies, Blood sugar, diet, stress, nutrition, structural faults (spine and cranium), self esteem etc.

Sounds complicated. It can be, but with the 'BRAIN POTENTIAL' material it makes the solution a lot easier.

Your brain is like a computer - if it's not functioning at its best - neither are you on all levels.

Get it fixed and get the power on in your life.

P.S. See our written report on this valuable topic as well as the DVD.


Strengthen Your Core Power

Spinal Health Risk Management

Got a flat tyre on your car?

Well it doesn't matter whether it's a Merc. a Jag, or whatever.
If you have a flat tyre, you aren't going anywhere right now.

Sure you can use the spare but what if that's flat too?

It happened to me once on a late winter's stormy night on the way back from a 4 day seminar. It was a 5 hour drive. It wasn't a "pit stop", it was "the pits"!

Likewise if your spine goes on you, you are immobilised.

My son-in-law; young father of four young children (3 of which are boys), loves surfing, snow-boarding etc
But now he has a serious back injury; a large fragment broken off his degenerating disc.

Sad situation.

Can't replace it with a spare.

Message: Take care of the one you have.

It also houses, protects and influences the function of your brain and nervous system and thereby the whole body.

It can even affect your emotions and your energy flow.


Use the material in the 'Spinal Risk Management' to protect, strengthen and care for your spine.

You can't replace it.


7 Little Known Secrets
That Will Make Your Battle With The Bulge
Much Easier

What You Are Not Told About Weight Loss

Most Dieticians, Trainers and so called "experts" will tell you it's all about a simple formula:
Calories consumed minus Calories burned = weight loss or weight gained

So all you have to do is eat less and exercise more right?


Many of you already know that you tried and tried and failed and failed.

Would you like to know why?

The answer is that the Formula is incomplete.

There are seven other factors in the weight-loss formula:

Detoxification, Elimination, Digestion, Metabolism, Enzymes, Body Type and Mental blocks or self sabotage.

Apply these and watch the fat melt away.

This is clinically proven.

We get lots of patients who are stuck on a plateau and we help them breakthrough the barrier.

Eating less is not always the answer.

These 7 secrets are further revealed in the Complete Wholistic Health Library.


Who Else Wants More Energy?

Energy and Power

There are laws and principles that govern everything.

ENERGY and POWER in the physical body are no different.

Apply them and stand back.
You may need to decide in advance what you are going to do with all that extra energy.

My nephew is a mad physical machine.
He is a kick boxer, surfer, snowboarder, plays tennis, and works out regularly.
He is totally dedicated to his exercise regime and tries to do everything right. Needless to say, he is a regular patient.
He asked me one day if I could help him improve his energy and power even further.
We applied the principles and within days he could notice the difference and so could his friends.
He said the difference was significant.
It's also significant because he was already doing so many right things for his body.

Achieving more for him was not as easy as opposed to someone less fit and healthy.

If it can do that for him, what can it do for you?


Secrets Of The Ancients For Longevity

The Fountain Of Youth

The five "rites" (exercises) performed by TIBETAN MONKS for longevity and vitality.

When done with the 'cubit wand' they are even more powerful. (Demonstrated on DVD).

Also, the secret herb used by reputedly the oldest man in the world.


If you were able to access all of this information elsewhere you would have to go to many different sources.

Different seminars, courses, classes, books etc

It would take hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to access.

You now have it all in one library.

Everything you need to build the life of your dreams.

Every area covered for you in simple, easy-to-understand presentations and straightforward to apply.

In the health section there is a whole range of topics for your individual specific needs.

All the main areas are covered.

And it's not going to cost you thousands of dollars, not even one thousand.

A one weekend seminar (2 days) I recently received in the mail was for $2,000.
That's expensive although I know that some cost even more.
Typically though a low cost professional seminar will be around $500 to $1,000 and that doesn't include airfare, hotel and other expenses.
All up it would set me back about $1,500 for a cheapie and that doesn't account for my time off work.

So what's your investment for this comprehensive library that's going to last you a lifetime and a longer, more fulfilling lifetime as a result?

The complete package normally retails for $777
but if you respond within 10 days of receiving this offer your investment is only $627.

That's a saving of $150

It gets even better - the digital/electronic copy is $477.

If purchased within 10 days your investment will cost only $377!!

A saving of $300 off the physical/hard package, or $100 off the digital/electronic version!

$377 is less than half of what it will cost to do an average weekend seminar and that doesn't include the airfare etc.

Instead you have your own LIFE SUCCESS/EMPOWERMENT LIBRARY to use as you want, whenever you want.

Put the audio in your mp3 so you can listen to the material during your day to day activities.
That's no extra time-out!

P.S. As with the short LIFE EMPOWERMENT COURSE this price may not last. Demand often creates price increases. Sometimes adding more bells and whistles can increase the price too. Anything is possible so get in now while you can at this basement price.

How To get The LIFE EMPOWERMENT COURSE Absolutely FREE and Save $97 on the Hard Copy or $59.95 on the digital Copy.

Order Your Complete Wholistic Health Library Right NOW and Save on the Cost of the LIFE EMPOWERMENT COURSE.

This Offer is only valid if you order immediately!

Yes, I want to take up your generous offer of receiving the LIFE EMPOWERMENT COURSE valued at $97 or $59.95 for the digital/electronic format ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Purchasers of the Complete Wholistic Health Library physical/hard package receive the physical/hard package of the LIFE EMPOWERMENT COURSE and digital/electronic purchasers receive the digital/electronic format

If you have already purchased the Life Empowerment Course, deduct your LEC (Life Empowerment Course) cost from the total when you order your Complete Wholistic Health Library

Offer only valid for intended immediate buyers of the

Click here to order your copy of the
Complete Wholistic Health Library

Australian residents wishing to purchase the Health Empowerment Programme products can do so by calling (02)9524 4286 or visiting our Ordering Info page.The first 5 months will cost approximately $330.00 (Subject to price change). At the end of 5 months you can also purchase the last month from us. This last month requires your selection and prices will also vary. Non-Australian residents can purchase most if not all their products from Nature’s Sunshine Products. Although based in the USA, they have representation in many other countries. Check out their website - There is usually an opportunity to get these products at wholesale price by becoming a distributor in these countries. Otherwise, you can source the products from health food stores, but they may have different names.

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