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Empowering Videos

Life Success Through Total Personal Development

The Life Success DVD Series

Part of the Complete Multimedia Package

Part One

Health Risk Management and the Fountain of Youth - Reduce your risk of premature death and ageing, and increase quantity and quality of your life through correct diet, detoxification, regeneration, nutrition, exercise and attitude.

(1)Fountain of Youth I - Anti Aging
(60 mins)

(2) Fountain of Youth II - Anti Aging
(60 mins)

(3) Fountain of Youth Ancient Exercises
(30 mins)

(4) Abundant Energy
(60 mins)

(5) Unknown Secrets of Weight Control
(60 mins)

(6) Strengthening Your Core Power - Spinal Care
(90 mins)


Stress Risk Management and Peak Performance - How to increase the peace, joy and fulfilment in your life and in the lives of others.

(7) Brain Potential - Maximising Brain Power
(60 mins)

(8) Communication - Influence Over Others - Effective Communication
(90 mins)

(9)Biocybernetics Level II - Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind DVD 1
(60 mins)

(10) Biocybernetics Level II - Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind DVD 2
(60 mins)

These DVD's are part of the Complete Multimedia Package.
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